Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Procedures in Columbia, MO

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that restores shape to your breast after a breast mastectomy or lumpectomy — surgeries that remove your breast to treat or prevent breast cancer. Dr. Shock will speak with you about your options and timing of breast reconstruction and will be a supporting member of your team throughout your unique course of treatment and reconstruction. 

The breast reconstruction process can start at the time of your mastectomy (immediate reconstruction), or it can be done later (delayed reconstruction). The breast reconstruction process usually requires two or more operations. You can also expect several appointments over two to three months after your initial surgery in order to prepare the skin on your chest for the final implant.

If breast reconstruction occurs at the same time as your mastectomy or lumpectomy (immediate), the patient has the benefit of starting the process to restore cosmetic appearance and also reduce the number of surgeries.

Sometimes, a patient may not decide to have breast reconstruction until weeks, months, or years after their lumpectomy or mastectomy. This is called delayed reconstruction. 

Dr. Shock uses several techniques to reconstruct breasts that are unique to each patient and their goals. Some techniques include the use of tissue expanders, implants, fat and occasionally the latissimus muscle with the overlying soft- tissue and skin from the back. During your consultation she will listen to your desires and help develop a plan that you are happy with.

As the only female reconstructive plastic surgery provider in the area, Leslie Shock, MD has a distinct ability to genuinely understand the needs and goals of her female patients.