Implant Removal

Implant Removal Surgery Procedures in Columbia, MO

Breast implant removal, also known as explantation, can be desired by women for a variety of reasons. Sometimes with a change in lifestyle, a woman desires to have smaller breasts or her implants removed. When implants are removed, your skin may benefit from tightening or a breast lift at the same time to restore shape and position. 

A small percentage of women develop capsular contracture, which means that the scar tissue around the breast implants becomes thickened and squeezes the implants. This can also lead to breast discomfort. Removing the implants and the surrounding thickened capsules is one way to address this problem. Ruptured breast implants can also occur. Whether they are saline or silicone filled, they should be removed. At that time the implants can be left out (explantation) or replaced with new breast implants.