Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedures in Columbia, MO

Large breasts can be uncomfortable, interfere with daily life, make wearing bras and clothes difficult, worsen posture and cause medical issues (including significant back, shoulder and neck pain). 


The goal of a breast reduction – sometimes referred to as reduction mammoplasty – is to produce breasts that are smaller, lifted, and more proportionate to the body. Breast reduction can address the symptoms associated with overly large breasts while improving self-image and confidence.


Breast reduction surgery takes between two and four hours. Dr. Shock performs breast reduction surgery as an outpatient procedure, so patients aren’t required to stay overnight at the hospital, and many may return to work and light activities within 1-2 weeks.


During your consultation, Dr. Leslie Shock will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that helps you achieve your desired smaller breast size following reduction. Your overall health and breast health will be reviewed prior to the surgery as well. For women over 35 or ones with a family history of breast ovarian cancer, this includes a baseline screening mammogram.


During the procedure, Dr. Shock will remove both excess skin and breast tissue in order to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. In addition, she will reshape and reposition the breast and nipple to a more youthful position. Generally, Dr. Shock will use an anchor-shaped incision pattern to achieve the desired results. 


Like any surgery, there will be scarring; however, Dr. Shock practices many techniques, both during and after surgery, to help improve the appearance of scarring. Following breast reduction, patients often report improved comfort, self-confidence and overall quality of life.


As one of the few female plastic surgery providers in the area, Leslie Shock, MD has a distinct ability to genuinely understand the needs and goals of her female patients, helping them obtain the shapely, feminine physique they desire.