Natura Bisse

C+C Vitamin Soufflé Mask

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Firming vitamin C mask with antioxidants

Indulge in this luscious, soufflé-textured vitamin C face mask. An intensely moisturizing vitamin cocktail to help reduce the appearance of signs of aging, such as dull skin or dryness. Ideal for those moments when your complexion looks tired and devitalized, this sumptuous firming mask leaves your skin supple, luminous, and firmer-looking in just 15 minutes. What’s more, its captivating, Mediterranean, tangerine aroma provides a remarkable, soothing and refreshing experience.

Give beauty back to tired and aged skin

• Minimizes the appearance of signs of aging.
• Helps skin look firmer, softer, and more flexible.
• Does away with dullness and restores a radiant complexion.